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    cinnamon flower crown pastries

    April 24, 2017

    so i just found out my favorite alternative radio station just got taken off the air and replaced by a “hip-hop throwback” station. yeahhh, cause we didn’t already have enough of those. hence the sarcasm. oh well, this is why i just listen to podcasts.

    speaking of podcasts, i recently finished s-town a couple of weeks ago. for those who don’t know, s-town is from the creators of “serial” and “this american life” which are both amazing. i basically binged on s-town while driving 5 hours to visit my family. s-town listeners: holy smokes, what did you guys think? i couldn’t stop listening although my heart was broken a few times. excellent podcast. i’d love to hear your thoughts.

    in other news, fiesta season is upon us here in san antonio and the smell of roasted corn, chicken on a stick and churros is in the air while brightly colored confetti and floral crowns grace the streets. seeing all the paper mache flower crowns lately has inspired an easy cinnamon roll pastry perfect for a fiesta brunch. this recipe is ridiculously easy and all you need is a roll of pillsbury cinnamon rolls, some sprinkles and small flowers. click it, click it good.

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