cinnamon roll waffles

okay, you’re probably saying, “what’s up with the cinnamon roll posts?” well truth is, my dude just got a sam’s card and when we went shopping, i couldn’t help but grab a JUMBO SIZE of cinnabon cinnamon rolls in the refrigerated section. this thing has about 5 packages of cinnamon rolls you guys. it’s amazing. needless to say, i’ve had to find creative ways to bake up these babies. so all you need for this brunch favorite, is a waffle maker, non-stick spray and garnish with powdered sugar, icing or fruit. easy enough, right?




cinnamon roll waffles


  • 1 pack pack of refrigerated cinnamon rolls
  • 1 waffle iron
  • powdered sugar
  • fruit


  1. preheat waffle maker. 

  2. spray non-stick spray (any will do. i used coconut oil non-stick spray) 

  3. place one cinnamon roll in the center of the waffle maker. close. wait until golden brown and cripsy to taste. 
  4. garnish with powdered sugar and fruit.

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