pharm table

first of all, let me premise this post by stating i appreciate passionate people who are so in tune with their journey and have a want and need to express their passion. chef elizabeth johnson is one of those passionate people and is bringing nutritious and nourishing food to san antonio.

with that said, when i had lunch at pharm table, i felt like i was in an episode of portlandia (in a good way, of course). i loved the decor and feeling of pharm table. it’s very rustic. natural.

i asked my friend deya (she’s that beauty right up there) to try out pharm table with me. she chews with an open mind and it’s something i appreciate.Β i’m pursuing a degree in holistic nutrition and was excited to try out pharm table which is all about delivering “culinary medicine.” i’m a big believer about the effects of reversing disease through food so i felt this was right up my alley. like i said… i love passionate people but in a way i felt these people love it, live it and perhaps take it to a new level and i…

well i just didn’t “get it.”

i think we were a little set back by the fact that there was no ice for our beverages. however, we were then educated that anything cooler than normal body temperature tends to shock the body as it gets into your system which is why pharm table does not provide ice for their water or tea.

i ordered a zucchini vermicelli bowl while deya ordered peruvian ceviche with squash. we had slices of fresh ginger as a starter. the plates are so visually beautiful with bright colored, fresh ingredients. definitely an eye catcher. our food was freshly made, refreshing, light and i didn’t leave feeling full or like crap, quite frankly.

i definitely would recommend pharm table to people who are curious about a cleaner, healthier way of life and want to chew with an open mind. i love the fact that chef elizabeth johnson is sharing her passion with the community and that san antonio is getting so many diverse places to eat. pharm table is located at: 106 auditorium circle (across the street from the tobin center).


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