mash’d soft opening

last night, the dude and i were invited to the soft opening/preview of mash’d at the rim. i have to say… i love this place! mash’d is a scratch kitchen and all of their ingredients are locally raised and organic. the place screams comfort food. they pride themselves on having the freshest ingredients for their well sized portioned meals. you can taste the passion in their food. in addition to having fresh, delectable food, mash’d has quite an impressive lineup of moonshine to try out but more on that later…

at mash’d, it’s all about comfort food. the dude and i decided to start off with “legit guacamole” (not pictured) and wings. hands down, one of the best guac i’ve ever tasted and lemme tell you, i’ve tasted a lot of guac! the grilled pineapple gave it a nice sweetness that wasn’t overpowering. the bacon… well bacon just makes everything better lets be honest. the tortilla chips were fresh and seasoned perfectly. not too salty. not too much pepper. just perfect.

for our first round of moonshine drinks, i went with “moonshine sangria” while the dude got “s&S tea.” both were delicious! one thing that i loved about the sangria was it was a perfect balance of moonshine and wine. sometimes, the wine tends to overpower or vice versa but this was absolutely perfect. the mint leaves added a refreshing aftertaste. the tea is the perfect drink for these warm texas days! it was refreshing, minty and had a great flavor. i’ll tell you something… these drinks are dangerous. they’re so good, you’ll keep drinking and forget that it’s moonshine.

the bar kept it cool and kept the smiles on their faces while being slammed by orders. you can tell the staff was extremely trained in all that is offered on the mash’d menu which was great to learn about as we waited for our food.

we ordered mash’d wings. 4 of moonshine bbq and 4 of hot. like everything else, it was delicious! the bbq had such a nice kick and tang. i didn’t even try the hot wings because i’m such a spice lightweight. i’m not a big wing girl but i would definitely order these again in a heartbeat.

for our second round of drinks, i ordered the “moonshine mash” and a moonshine flight. the moonshine mash contains fresh lemon, moonshine, sauza blue, organic agave and cayenne swirled together with the moonshine sangria. even though i was already in a food coma by the time i ordered this (and didn’t get to finish), the moonshine mash is perfect! especially for those who like a frozen margarita + sangria lovechild.

for the dude’s moonshine flight, we decided to order the white lightning option which is four shots of moonshine: american born original, fitch’s goat, whitmeyer’s and firefly lightning. okay, i am not a hard liquor person so these were a little hard for me to handle but i will say they have robust flavor and each one was so different. in the end, we wound up giving the rest of our flight to my table of safoodies who were sitting in the outdoor patio area.

we all have our favorite meal that we would consider as our last meal. have you ever played the “last meal” game? no? is that too morbid? whatever. anyways, my dude’s last meal would definitely be meatloaf. the man is a meatloaf connoisseur.  his verdict? “one of the best meals i’ve ever had.” the mash’d meatloaf is made with fresh akaushi meat, jalapeno, adobo-based sweetcorn, fontina and cheddar cheese, tangy house ketchup and mash’d tators…. WHICH let me say are THE BEST POTATOES i’ve ever had in my life! no freakin’ joke.

i ordered the chicken parmesan (not pictured. picture coming soon) which had the best all natural panko-crusted chicken. seriously, to die for. it was breaded to perfection. it had a special cheese blend on top of their perfectly breaded crust which rested on a bed of lemon-chorizo rice. the chicken was topped with a roasted pepper smash. the rice was a little spicy for my palette (but then again, i mentioned i’m not a big spicy person) but the pepper smash was AMAZING.

hands down, mash’d was a great experience. i highly recommend it to anyone looking for some delicious, fresh, comfort food. this place has it all. a calming atmosphere, well trained and educated staff and an amazing menu.

mash’d is located at 17623 la cantera pkwy at the rim. right across the street from bowl n barrel.


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