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i’d like to preface this post by stating that i don’t mean to sound like those bougie people who have jumped on the gluten free train or whatever the buzz word is in gastrointestinal issues now days. with that said, i’ll go ahead and share the fact that i’ve been suffering from chronic tension headaches, chronic migraines, extreme fatigue and brain fog for months. i don’t know what causes it but i’ve never been one to agree to medicine. i’m the type of person who will try every holistic approach before consuming medication. so, in order to try and better my health and get rid of these headaches, i decided to switch up my diet.

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after looking up different diets – well, i don’t call them diets, i call them lifestyle choices – i felt the paleo diet would be a better fit for me (and sweet josephine’s). paleo allowed me to still make awesome cakes and desserts with natural ingredients where whole30 didn’t give me so much flexibility. i’ve decided to stick to paleo for a month and record how my body reacts to the changes. since i have a major sweet tooth, i decided to try these mini muffins from naked coconut eats, a paleo friendly company here in san antonio who offers great appetizers, paleo tortillas, main course dishes and dessert – all paleo.

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maybe i didn’t see this on the packaging but i would have liked for the mini muffin box to state what kind of flavors were included. i knew there was chocolate, a lemon poppyseed, perhaps blueberry but i couldn’t figure out the other – it tasted like spice cake or pumpkin spice. but like i said, it could have been on the packaging but i just might have not seen it.


the mini muffins were perfect in size for taste testing. if you have a hard time sharing with others (like me), you could probably eat these all yourself. go ahead, don’t feel any guilt. i didn’t. the first one i tried was obviously chocolate. this was the best paleo chocolate muffin i’ve tried so far. it was so soft and had so much flavor. it definitely satisfied my chocolate craving and i didn’t feel bad about it at all!

next up i tried was lemon poppyseed – well, i’m assuming it’s lemon poppyseed. as much as i loved the soft texture and freshness of this mini muffin, i think it could have used a kick of more lemon flavor. but then again, i could be wrong on the lemon poppyseed bit because i didn’t see the flavors on the packaging. if anyone has tried these before and are saying, “josie, you dingbat. that is not lemon poppyseed” please reach out to me and let me know. haha.


next up, blueberry muffins. i loved these! they make the perfect breakfast on the go. one thing i was sad about when trying out paleo was the fact that i couldn’t have a breakfast pastry with my coffee anymore but these paleo muffins really helped cure my breakfast withdrawals. no honestly, they’re a great addition to your morning coffee.

lastly, i tried the spice looking muffins. okay, i may be biased because i don’t care for pumpkin spice anything (trust me, i hate the fall season. pumpkin spice everywhere) so these were my least favorite out of the four. however, if you’re a pumpkin spice fan, i can see this being an awesome choice for you.

all in all, these mini muffins are a great grab-and-go. the chocolate is definitely my favorite but then again, chocolate has always been my weak point. i can’t wait to try out naked coconut eats selection of main dishes like spaghetti squash and paleo meatballs. they all look amazing! you can find their dishes at various heb’s around san antonio so there’s plenty of choices to grab and get a good meal if you’re in a rush or forgot your lunch (like me). overall, i give it two very enthusiastic thumbs up! definitely worth the $9.99 and they make a great dessert tray to take to friends who are on a “special diet” or trying to eat healthier.

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