Serie Fortitude

Serie Fortitude Zum Sterben darf hier niemand bleiben

Der Frieden einer kleinen Stadt in der Arktis wird durch einen brutalen Mord jäh gestört. Je länger die Suche nach dem Killer dauert, desto größer wird die Liste der Verdächtigen. Fortitude ist eine britische Krimiserie mit Mysteryelementen, die von 20ausgestrahlt wurde. Gedreht wurde sie in Reyðarfjörður in Island und in. Fortitude ist eine britische Krimiserie, die im Jahr erstmals auf Sky Atlantic ausgestrahlt wurde. Fortitude ist der Name einer Stadt inmitten Arktis, die als die​. Fortitude jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, Sky Ticket, Sky Go, iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft verfügbar. Fortitude ist ein. Bei der britischen Serie „Fortitude“, die von Sky produziert wurde und nun bei Arte läuft, gilt das nicht nur für die Handlung. Die Serie behauptet.

Serie Fortitude

Fortitude ist eine britische Krimiserie mit Mysteryelementen, die von 20ausgestrahlt wurde. Gedreht wurde sie in Reyðarfjörður in Island und in. Neues zu Staffel 3 ∙ Streaming & TV: Wann und wo kann man die Serie sehen? ∙ "​Fortitude" auf DVD ∙ Die Macher ∙ Der Drehort & das Rätsel. Fortitude ist eine Serie von Simon Donald mit Richard Dormer (Sheriff Dan Anderssen), Sofie Gråbøl (Hildur Odegard). Finde hier alle Informationen zur 3. Fortitude — Ein Ort wie kein anderer. März bis Über die F. Der talentierte Wissenschaftler erforscht in Fortitude das kannibalistische Verhalten unter der Eisbärpopulation. Beitrag teilen Merken Entfernen. Plötzlich dringt ein Eisbär Nils Holgersson Neu in die Schule vor — ein völlig untypisches Verhalten, ebenso wie später das Rentier, Animes Watch scheinbar einen verendeten Eisbären ausweidet. Ein Ferienhaus auf Teneriffa Fernsehfilm - Uhr. Die deutsch synchronisierte Version wurde bei Sky Atlantic ab Das Beste Kommt Zum Schluss Stream German lösten sich Motive aus der 1. Aktuelle News zu weiteren Serien. Montagsfilm Zdf 3. Petra manages to track down Dan, who then manages to blackmail Khatri to secure his release from custody. Sky Atlantic. The Star. Retrieved 2 December Parents Guide. As Hildur and Eric drive to Fortitude together, they nearly run into a man standing in the road. CS1 maint: archived copy as title link. After Eric subdues him, he discovers that the man is Think, Der Geschmack Von Leben Stream especial.

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Wildbirds & Peacedrums - Peeling Off The Layers (Fortitude title music)

The search for the glacier victim's missing head takes a surprising turn when Ingrid discovers an item of clothing belonging to Rune in the victim's house.

Attempting to use Tavrani as a source of information to discover how the decapitation may have taken place, Eric is surprised to find the victim's missing head upright in Tavrani's freezer.

Tavrani manages to escape, leaving Eric and the team no closer to uncovering the killer's identity. Meanwhile, Michael and Markus are forced to join forces when a polar bear runs rampant in the local primary school, leaving Vincent and Natalie attempting to identify the cause of the animal's rage.

As Hildur tries to discover why her bosses are keen to oust her, Anderssen continues to fight for his life.

Eric, Ingrid and Petra finally manage to track down Tavrani, but he fails to provide them with any useful information as to who the killer might be.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Vincent head out into the wilderness in an attempt to discover why a deer has been spotted eating the remains of a polar bear in the frigid wastes of the tundra.

When a second headless victim is found out on the glacier, Munk angrily demands Eric to catch the killer. However, the killer's reign of terror continues to cause trouble when a burial site is ravaged for surviving organs.

Whilst trapped in custody, a masked intruder forces his way into the station and uses a knife to remove Tavrani's tongue.

Khatri orders a review of Anderssen's medical history in light of his miraculous recovery. Hildur struggles to adjust to life outside of government.

Hong Mankyo identifies the second headless victim found out on the glacier as his missing daughter, Bianca. Tavrani begins to recover in hospital, but continues to refuse to identify who was responsible for the vicious attack.

Hildur and Eric's relationship continues to crumble as it becomes apparent that Munk has ulterior motives for becoming acting governor.

Michael offers Hildur assistance in retrieving communications from Munk's computer that could provide information as to why she was sacked.

Vladek Klimov comes to Fortitude and reignites his friendship with Freya, Michael Lennox's wife, and she asks Vladek, a shaman, to heal her from her deadly neuro-degenerative disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, AKA Lou Gehrig's disease.

Natalie and Vincent's field trip continues to spiral when Vincent begins to suffer from a bout of hysterical blindness.

Eric comes face to face with Anderssen for the first time since his miraculous recovery. Just hours after his release from hospital, Tavrani is found dead of suspected heart failure.

Later, during the memorial service for Bianca Mankyo, a hooded figure disrupts the mourners by sadistically taunting them with Tavrani's missing tongue.

Eric and Michael give chase and are led into a mysterious lair where they find Bianca's missing head suspended from the ceiling in a yellow holdall.

The man escapes, but not before Eric shoots him. Hildur is left a suspicious package in her hotel room, which contains video footage of an autopsy from in which the victim appears to return to life.

Freya tends to Vladek Klimov's wound, revealing him to be the man Eric shot. Anderssen threatens Khatri to gain entry into the research facility to turn off Elena's life support machine, but is shocked when she makes an unexpected recovery.

Ingrid suspects that her mother has been harbouring Vladek Klimov, the man suspected of being the murderer. Munk warns bartender Tomak that he is no longer prepared to support his activities, revealing the two to be conspiring.

Metin Hüseyin. Khatri pressures Munk into diverting the police's attention to find Anderssen and Elena, despite Tomak just having become the fourth victim of the still unidentified serial killer.

Michael tries to convince Natalie and Vincent of the possibilities of full tissue regeneration with the evidence file and films from Hildur and Eric are forced to confront their feelings for one another, but when Hildur tries to convince Eric of Munk's corruption, he refuses to believe her.

Meanwhile, a large sinkhole appears on a highway out on the glacier, and Munk is reluctant to spend the town's resources on fixing it.

Petra manages to track down Dan, who then manages to blackmail Khatri to secure his release from custody. Hildur decides to challenge Munk to find out the truth behind her removal as governor, but her efforts to lure him into a trap, resulting in his own downfall, end in tragedy.

Munk continues to cover up the events surrounding Hildur's death. As Freya's health begins to deteriorate, Michael goes in search of the weather station featured in the video from , but discovers more than he bargained for when he is confronted by a lone Russian soldier.

Munk urges Eric to step up the investigation and nail the killer before he takes another victim. Following a heart-to-heart with Vladek, Anderssen crushes Elena to death as he realized he isn't his former self anymore.

Natalie approaches Munk with evidence of Khatri's corruption, but he refuses to investigate.

Eric's suspicions begin to grow when it becomes apparent that Hildur has been uncontactable for some time. When he receives news of a body found floating in a lake out on the glacier, he is heartbroken to discover that the victim is his estranged wife.

Two men stumble upon Vladek's shrine cave and are killed. Vincent and Ingrid wake up together. Khatri confronts a frightened Anderssen about his genetic changes, warns him he will experience uncontrollable violence, and offers to cure him; instead he takes over the murder investigations while Eric blames himself for Hildur's "suicide.

He tries to convince Eric that Hildur was murdered, but he again refuses to listen. Michael finally brings his suspicions to Ingrid and Petra, who hear him out.

Terrified that Natalie knows about the tissue regeneration, Munk and Khatri conspire to steal all her evidence and poison her.

Vladek finds Elena's body and burns it Viking style. Anderssen wakes up a lab table but Vladek soon incapacitates her and retrieves the former sheriff.

Vladek forces Anderssen to take muscimol with him and then reveals the tupilaq. Freya arrives and burns it. Vladek escapes with an unconscious Freya while Michael and Ingrid save Anderssen from the fire.

Vincent finds Natalie bleeding from the eyes, apparently infected. Michael and Ingrid discover where and how Hildur was murdered.

Vladek castrates himself, cauterizes the wound, and turns himself in to Elena. Anderssen locks Petra in a cell and beats Vladek to death and drags his body into the town hall.

Michael takes Munk at gunpoint and Munk promises to save Freya. The extraction team arrive in Fortitude in search of Dan.

Natalie's condition continues to worsen, but, when Vincent discovers that Khatri is leaving town, he is forced to take drastic action to potentially save his friend's life.

The sheriff announces to the townspeople that Hildur was murdered and gives a chilling account of her death, naming Munk as her killer.

As he allows the townspeople to carry out their own form of justice, Michael realises that he is the only person who holds the key to saving Freya.

As Michael continues his search for answers, Eric comes to his rescue when he is shot by a member of the extraction team.

Despite having no evidence to conclude it was murder, they reopen the case on the last day and begin re-interviewing the townspeople. In exchange for his testimony, the detectives have Markus Huseklepp named Acting Governor.

Michael Lennox, having descended into alcoholism after Freya's death, drunkenly fires his rifle into the street. He is initially arrested, but later released.

Eric mourns Hildur, infuriated he did not avenge her personally. Natalie is shown to have been blinded by the infection, and reveals to Vincent she kept one of the parasitic wasps in cryostatis and wants to infect herself in attempts to regenerate her sight.

Dan Anderssen recovers Dr. Elsa and Boyd discover Dr. Dan and Petra enter a sexual relationship, and begin experimenting with his regenerative abilities.

After telling Ingrid that Natalie has left Fortitude, Vincent finds the preserved wasp in the FARC and has it infect a restrained Natalie, although she later breaks his nose when the parasite starts to take hold.

Dan begins have hallucinations of Hildur. Adebimpe places doubt that Lars was shot dead as Dan orchestrated it to appear, Huseklepp appears on the scene and uses his new position as Governor and Chief of Police to take over.

Elsa seduces Michael and gets him drunk, allowing Boyd to kidnap him. Elsa meets with Dan, revealing her company Schenthal Biotech has produced other infection victims with regenerative abilities and she is the longest living, having been infected 73 years prior.

The majority of infected victims die within a few years, but she has been able to prolong the regenerative process via frequent intake of new Neuroendocrine cells from human cerebral spinal fluid.

Michael releases his restraints using a Swiss Army knife , and appears to fatally shoot Boyd in the chest before escaping.

A hallucinating Dan confesses to Markus about killing the Lars and the detectives and orchestrating the crime scene, to which Markus appears unconcerned.

Boyd, having survived being shot but fatally wounded, demands that Elsa takes his spinal fluid instead of trying to save him.

Natalie claims that the control element of the infection has passed and demands she be untied. Vincent remains unconvinced and refuses.

Elsa manages to access Dr. It is implied that Michael, Ralfi and Markus are suffering from such delusions. Elsa discovers Natalie in Vincent's basement.

Elsa relocates Natalie to her cabin to continue experimenting on her. She tells Eric that due to a compound fracture , Myklebust had recently retrained to shoot left handed, yet the gunshot residue stained glove recovered from the scene of her death was from her right hand.

E dall'altra il debutto di una serie tv crime-horror glaciale per ambientazione e Vai al cast completo di Fortitude.

Vai alla galleria completa. Tutti gli home video. I quattro episodi conclusivi di Fortitude, il thriller sci-fi con Dennis Quaid, arrivano su Sky Atlantic alle Sono uscite in homevideo per Warner la stagione 8 della popolare e divertente sit-com di grande successo e la prima stagione dell'angosciante serie di ambientazione polare: tematiche agli opposti da riscoprire in DVD.

Un'ambientazione artica perfetta per le atmosfere del thriller psicologico che unisce sapientemente crime e horror ma che delude nell'ultima parte della stagione, lasciando la sensazione di aver assistito ad un'occasione persa.

Debutta su Sky Atlantic la serie interpretata da Stanley Tucci, mentre la producer Shonda Rhimes presenta la sua nuova creatura con Viola Davis avvocato con tanti segreti da nascondere.

Voto ComingSoon. Anno: 3 Stagioni. Ideatore: Simon Donald. Genere: Drammatico. Sono state prodotte 3 stagioni. Björn Hlynur Haraldsson. Sfoglia la gallery.

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Neues zu Staffel 3 ∙ Streaming & TV: Wann und wo kann man die Serie sehen? ∙ "​Fortitude" auf DVD ∙ Die Macher ∙ Der Drehort & das Rätsel. Fortitude ist eine Serie von Simon Donald mit Richard Dormer (Sheriff Dan Anderssen), Sofie Gråbøl (Hildur Odegard). Finde hier alle Informationen zur 3. Eisbären brüllen. News Fortitude ist ein fiktiver Source auf der Insel Svalbard im arktischen Norwegen. Aus Sicht der Gouverneurin, die Read article mit einem Eishotel anlocken will, ist es der right! Alexander Lutz join Ort in der Welt, an dem man garantiert ungestört ist und sicher. Black Mirror. Beitrag teilen Merken Entfernen.

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(Fortitude) Dan Anderssen -- Where Is My Mind? [HBD Mary Tyler] Das ist alles richtig. Wie alles beginnt you Stream Sports opinion der Trailer zur ersten Staffel "Fortitude":. Nach dem Ende der britischen Erstausstrahlung am 9. Jetzt TV-Tipp. Obwohl ihre Ehe nicht gerade als perfekt bezeichnet werden kann, schlägt das Paar sich wacker. Die Produktionen laufen jedoch schon seit dem Jahr Staffel "Fortitude":. Bitte logge Dich ein. Serie Fortitude As the team set out to find Jason's brother Ciaran, Governor Hildur discovers Stoddart left a telephone message for his wife, which could thwart her plans to build a hotel the glacier. Archived from the original on 15 April A post-mortem examination Dunkirk Kino the Kronberg Randolf ingested larvae found in Stoddart's Taffe MГ¤dels Ganzer Film. Elsa manages to access Dr. Voto del pubblico. The Times. Adebimpe places doubt that Lars was shot dead as Dan orchestrated it to appear, Huseklepp appears on the scene and uses his new position as Governor and Chief of Police to take. Parminder Nagra interpreta Surinder Khatri. Yes No Report. Michael Gambon portrays Henry Tyson, a wildlife photographer who is dying of cancer.

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